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Our target is to offer attractive services portfolio meeting safety and quality standards with added value to our customers.  We are available anytime with innovative, flexible and reliable solutions. Our technical services are:

  • Matrix acidizing/Pressure acidizing with established fluid systems
  • Naturally retarded, biodegradable acid system
  • Special optimized treatment fluids developed through lab tests


  • One solution for halite scale removal and gas well deliquification 
  • Enhanced backflow of accumulated water due to density reduction
  • An ideal treatment for depleted, low pressure and water flooded wells


  • Enhanced well cleaning efficiency through pumping of commingled fluids (liquids & natural gas)
  • Deep penetration of treatment fluids through natural gas application
  • Application of in lab tests customized fluids 


  • Mobile Self erecting flare (No crane needed)
  • Quick rig up of unit due to modular design.
  • Automated controlled system from choke to flare


  • Pumping of gravel pack (Gel or water)
  • Conventional or resin coated sand
  • Cased or open hole packs


  • Errosive cutting of metals downhole, Downhole filter cleaning and perforation
  • Reduction in skin by combing acid with the fluids

Perforation through environmental friendly (Water and Sand mix) mixture, no explosive (no authorization or special personal required)




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