Customized solutions for challenging demands


To keep up with the ever-growing requirements for fluid recipes, we at the FES- laboratories offer a customized and innovative approach in our system development. In this context, we always prefer products with the lowest-possible environmental impact. Our main drive is providing an excellent fluid composition based upon individual well conditions and a close cooperation with the client. Please find below an abstract of our New Technologies:


  • Power Spacer: Abrasive fluid system for premium borehole cleaning and effective mud filter cake removal prior to cementing operations
  • HMR+ Blend: Chemically and physically optimized system for long-lasting, gas- tight cement sheaths, even under harsh conditions of high temperature, salinity and presence of sour gases
  • GT Blend: Light-weight cement system with excellent mechanical properties and an optimized thermal conductivity


  • SSB-007: Biodegradable acid system with a naturally retarded reactivity for deeper penetration and more efficient well treatments
  • SFB-007: Innovative fluid system for dissolving carbonates and silicates in sandstone reservoirs
  • SWS-330: Silicate-based nanofluid for permanent water shutoff applications in gas wells