Lab service

Passed the Test

Our commitment to technology and excellence applies especially to the FES- laboratory. It is fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, as well as manned by experienced and passioned lab-personal. In accordance with API/ISO and client internal standards, we can perform the following lab tests for you:


  • Determination of the time-dependent gel strength on the Static Gel Strength Analyzer
  •  HTHP-consistometer for thickening time tests
  •  Ultrasonic cement analyzer for determining compressive strength development
  •  Low-temperature rheometer for testing slurry viscosity
  • Dynamic and static apparatus for determining fluid loss values

▪ Permeability tester for core flooding
▪ Roller oven for corrosion testing
▪ Water bath for solubility and compatibility tests
▪ High-temperature rheometer for testing fluid viscosity