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We deliver customized cementing services and solutions with the highest safety and quality throughout Europe.

Primary Cementing

  • Casing & liner cementing

Remedial Cementing

  • Plug cementing

Plug & abandonment

Sidetracking (whipstocking, kickoff-plug)

Lost circulation

Zonal isolation

Wellbore stability

Formation testing

  • Squeeze cementing

Primary cement job repair

Zonal isolation

Zone abandonment

Casing leaks

Lost circulation

Fangmann Energy Services offers comprehensive engineering services. Our cementing specialists have experience in all types of cementing operations in Germany, and worldwide. We use advanced simulation software and reliable technical design to deliver flexible, innovative, and reliable solutions.

Our laboratory for cementing uses approved state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest QA/QC standards. Likewise, we meet specific client requests and perform all the mandatory tests to comply with API/ISO specifications.

Our self-developed laboratory program performs cement slurries, spacers and blending calculations. It determines the rheology of fluids and cement using different models. Our program also calculates API fluid loss, acoustic impedance, compatibility, etc. A database saves all fluid designs from previous laboratory testing for future cementing projects.

Fangmann Energy Services uses modern cement mixing and pumping units; we keep up-to-date transport fleet, bulk equipment and storage tanks.

We are equipped with: fully automated cement mixing units, HP single/twin pump units, bulk trucks, bulk plant, mobile cement silos, 30m³ vertical tanks, double plug cementing




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