Downhole Tools

The right tool for the job


Our Downhole Tool Department offers you a variety of Service- and Production-Packers, as well as retrievable Bridge-Plugs, drillable Bridge- Plugs and Cement-Retainers in all common sizes.


All our Downhole Tool Service Specialists have gathered many years of
international field experience.


Downhole Tools

  • Service-Packers: mechanical set and retrievable Packers
  • Production-Packers: hydraulic set, mechanical retrievable
  • Inflatable Packer / Swell Packer
  • Permanent Tools
  • Cement-Retainer
  • Cement Support Tool
  • Bridge-Plugs

As a service, our well-trained personnel can also cover inspection and maintenance of your downhole tools. Spare parts from various international and certified suppliers can be ordered upon request.



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