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Climate Protection with us


The Paris Climate Agreement, which aims to protect the climate is recognized worldwide. It is also the basis for a large number of national climate protection plans. Key components of these national climate plans are emission reduction. This can be achieved through variable range of measures (such as saving CO2 through the expansion of renewable energy in power generation).

Natural gas is in many ways an ideal partner for this process, as it burns cleanly compared to other fuels. More importantly an existing transport network is already available for the natural gas.

The use of natural gas in power plants to generate energy not only contributes to climate protection but also assure the security for energy supply. Natural gas is an important component of the energy supply of the future.


For over 30 years, Fangmann Energy Services has been offering value added services by applying mobile natural gas compressors.



      • Transfer of natural gas (from one line/system to another line/system) to prepare maintenance work on natural gas transmission lines 
      • Emergency troubleshooting by feeding natural gas into the grid (for example with LNG) 
      • Temporary replacement of stationary natural gas compressors (e.g. for feeding biogas into the natural gas grid) 
      • Pressure tests of gas lines, transport systems or industrial units.


Discharging/Depressurizing Piping & Plants with Mobile Flares 

Flaring of natural gas, combustible gases, residual gases from industrial applications or processes (e.g., purging of a crude oil storage tank with nitrogen) can be burnt with low emissions


Equipment and Services 

  • Mobile flares for different fuel gases types and gas quantities 
  • Mobile liquid and / or solids separators for the treatment of fuel gases 
  • Calculations for discharge/Relief time for lines and flame propagation, etc.


Carrying out cleaning work in closed plant system components (eg heat exchangers, valves, etc.) to improve the flow conditions by dissolving deposits.


Equipment und Services

  • Use of biodegradable as cleaning fluids 
  • High pressure pumps and storage tanks to carry out the work 
  • Heating the cleaning fluid to improve the effectiveness


Assistance with inspections of piping and plant systems during cleaning or intelligent pigging.


Equipment and Services

  • Services for collecting residual liquids 
  • Solid separators and filters for cleaning fluids 
  • Providing flares for discharge/releif of the lines 
  • Provision of emergency troubleshooting systems with CNG or LNG




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